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Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden block puzzles? The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge to pull apart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles where the goal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits together in order to pull it apart.

With simple, intuitive, touch-based gameplay and five beautifully crafted chapters, Interlocked will delight puzzles fans of all skill levels, completely free.

- 3D brain-teasing puzzles
- 5 challenging chapters to beat
- Brought to you by the creators of the original Flash game, played by over 20 million!
- Many achievements to unlock

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Mya Franecki

I love the concept. These puzzles are my favorite and could do them all day. I was excited seeing them. I just wish the \"stairs\" move was like the solution instead of counting each step as individualy. One solid movement as if you were using a mouse, up and sideways or holding it in your hands. I find myself trying to rotate the puzzle directly instead of from the outside when it's at the right angle to do so. Overall great find!

Jessika Heller Jr.

Its a very good game the only problem i am facing is the touch accuracy. Yes, the most important thing in the game. Whenever i try to touch a piece it most of the time select other wrong one. Kindly fix this issue and for this reason only 3 stars. Edit: i forgot to tell the interface of game is extremely slow or lagging(plus point but over all game movement is smooth). Btw i own Honor play so i dont think mobile hardware be a problem. Thank you so much for this game.

Mac Klein

This puzzle game allows you to solve simple to complex sliding puzzles that would otherwise be very expensive to purchase! I am still working my way through the initial levels and thus far sliding pieces is all I am able to do. I hope that in later levels piece rotation will be necessary. Zooming is limited to a depth that the entire puzzle must fit in my display then it stops. Best suited for large screens, or perhaps my device is the issue. Anyways, great app!

Jayme Dach

cool idea and good puzzle designs, but just a horrid interface. In a game that monitors your success by amount of moves you make, the angle and oiece selection on screen needs to be much more accurate. the game sometimes moves the piece the wrong direction or in another dimensional direction than intended.

Malcolm White

At level 2-9 the solution given is 19 moves but 19 moves only gives you 2 \nstars. I am disappointed because I got it on the second try but I have to \nwatch ads just to find the same 2 star answer. In my opinion, this is an \nact of dishonesty and a waste of time. If it is a mistake, please correct \nit right away. If it is not, I would like you to show me a better solution. \nLater on, I found that 3-1 with 16 moves has the same issue. Also a failed \nexample of 3-2.

Dr. Lea Howe IV

Great concept, but falls short in some respects. Game rewards speed, but \nspotty UI makes speed difficult, even when you know the solution. There is \nno way to remove intrusive ads, something which should always cost a star. \nVisuals are adequate. Despite probs, is a fun, if short, spatial acuity \ngame that should appeal to almost anyone, for a time. Though there is \nlittle incentive to fight the UI for perfect score.

Miss Cheyenne Quitzon I

I never rate or review games but this one deserves it. I got this gane today and beat thia game TODAY! I also do not see myself deleting it for a long time, because every challenge is still just as fun to do the first time as it is the second or third.

Dr. Norbert Miller

I reached a level where it's literally impossible to get perfect score. You need at least 6 moves to complete the puzzle but 6 moves will only get you 2 stars out of 3. Please fix this as I want to complete all levels with perfect score. It's level 2 from the 2nd stage

Prof. Kristy D'Amore PhD

Great concept. Love it. BUT the controls are bad. It's obvious I want to pull a piece out after painstakingly moving it in position, but the game moves it into the wrong position again, costing me moves. It's frustrating as hell. I've worked it out, but can't get it to execute the move. You end up with one star instead of the deserved 3. If you could fix that I would score it a 5.

Emmie Gibson

Great App. Not challenging enough, but loved it all the same. Controls are \na bit awkward, when trying to move 1 block, unless you see arrows the \nentire puzzle rotates. I would recommend this App, these issues are minor \nand I'm sure they'll fix them real soon. Anyway, quit reading and download \nthis App NOW!