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Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector apk

Download Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector apk for free

Package Name: com.arcane.incognito

Developer: Incognito - Spyware Removal By Arcane Solutions

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Requirements: Android 7 and above

File Size: Varies with device

Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector Screenshot
Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector Screenshot
Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector Screenshot
Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector Screenshot
Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector Screenshot

Free Privacy Scanner - Spyware Remover & Detector

Download Incognito - Spyware Detector and Phone Security for FREE to help protect you from harmful spyware and stalkwerware.

Do you think someone is spying on you right now? Are you concerned about your android security?

Incognito is an easy to use, privacy protection, anti-spy app. We are not anti malware or antivirus, we are Anti Spy. Our anti spy app is a scanner, detector, and cleaner of spyware, stalkerware and surveillance software.

Incognito protects you against cyber threats from spy companies and from unauthorized tracking, surveillance, monitoring, hacking of personal information and identity theft.

🔍What is Commercial Spyware?

Commercial spyware is a kind of spy malware, stalkerware that is often sold as an employee or parental monitoring tool but can be used in more malicious ways.


✔ Listening to calls
✔ Accessing call email and search history
✔ Sending and receiving SMS
✔ Tracking your location
✔ Seeing and hear you in real time
✔ Accessing photos, videos
✔ Your Banking and medical information.

Make sure to also download on your phone an antivirus in order to fully protect your mobile phone security and privacy.

If you think that you are being spied on or hacked, worried that someone might be tracking or monitoring your emails and messages or you think your device is acting in an unusual way, download Incognito and protect your mobile phone

🔍How does Incognito work?

1) Download Incognito on your android device for free

2) Press the scan button: Incognito will scan your mobile phone for spying malware/ stalkerware (remember, it will not scan for virus, only spyware)

3) Press remove button: If Incognito detects some kind of malicious spying malware/ stalkerware press the remove button and the threat will disappear

It is important to note that incognito is not an antivirus or antimalware app, it is a spyware scanner, cleaner and its function is to protect and remove spyware/ stalkerware from your mobile. We recommend that you use anti virus, anti malware and our Incognito anti spy to cover your device security.

What advantages does Incognito offer?

🛡 Our anti spy app offers a real-time scanner and cleaner of commercial spy, surveillance, tracking and monitoring applications for free

🛡️If any of these applications are found on your Android device, you will be presented with a notification of the infection

🛡️Lists and names all the identified threats and spyware

🛡️With the user consent, Incognito removes the spyware from your mobile device ensuring protection

🛡️If you are a user of the PRO version, you can set up a regular and automatic scan to ensure security and privacy

🛡️We provide tips to inform our community on how to protect their personal cyber privacy and is regularly updated with the latest info

🛡️We also provide our users with security alerts of threats beyond spyware. We notify you immediately with this information and how to protect yourself

Cyber Privacy Services Incognito offers different security and privacy services in order to better protect you from spying malware (not other kinds of malware or virus).

★ Privacy Guide: Our experts have compiled a guide explaining how spyware gets on your device, how are users spied on and ways to protect your device and privacy.

★ Privacy Care: Do you think you’re being spied on and need experts to help? Get direct contact with our cybersecurity experts

IMPORTANT: Antivirus and Anti malware products

Incognito AntiSpy is not a replacement to anti-virus or anti malware. Incognito targets commercial spyware. We recommend you use antivirus, anti-malware and Incognito anti spy to cover all aspects of your security

Incognito - Spyware Detector and Phone Security: Free, Easy to Use, Spyware Detection, and Removal

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  • user John Fisher apkdeer profile image
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    so far it seems like a app everyone should have to protect their privacy. very good tips also , i love it

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    This is an excellent app. Very up to date information especially important in today's unpredictable technical world. Thank you for your dedicated research.

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    Please make dark mode

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    3 days ago Volkmar Krieg

    I am fairly new to this app, but so far so good. Just because I haven't found anything does not make it bad, BUT what I like most are the notes on breaches and security leaks etc like the one of chegg of 40 mill accounts breached including passwords. Well done to this team

  • user Phillip Loden apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Phillip Loden

    Very good they from being destroyed thank you incogni.....

  • user Preeti Markan apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Preeti Markan

    My phone and connected smart home devices have gone awry since I installed this. Is this a genuine app?

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    3 days ago Richard Bassett

    So far I have used three important updates recommend by Incognito that were very important. Thanks

  • user Francis E Smith Jr apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Francis E Smith Jr

    This app is the BEST app on the market today. No company shows more passion into helping the public out with helpfull information, Malware and phishing alerts, etc.... And at no charge to the public. No Good deeds go unnoticed. That alone made me sign up to be a annual paying member. And the price cannot be beat. Take it from me an ITT technician. Be safe. Aloha

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    Excellent app. Informative and helpful.

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    Very pleased with information thank you