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The Alien Fight Predator beat' em up apk

Download The Alien Fight Predator beat' em up apk for free.

The Alien Fight Predator beat' em up apk icon

The Alien Fight Predator beat' em up

  • Author
    The Killer aliens Soft.
  • Publish date
    Jun. 12, 2019
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  • Requirements
    Android 18 and above
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San Drad California, has been overrun by the Aliens, and the cybernetically-enhanced Major Dutch Schaefer and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa of the United States Colonial Marine Corps have been abandoned by their superiors and are cornered by a swarm of the Alien drones. Before they can be killed, a pair of the Predators appear and destroy the Aliens. The Predators offer an alliance with the two humans in order to stop the Alien infestation.

The players take control of up to three of four characters: Dutch, Linn, The Alien vs. Predator エイリアンVSプレデター hunter, and a Predator warrior, and battle the Aliens through seven stages. After destroying the Aliens' hive, the characters discover that the Alien presence on Earth is the result of a bio-war project headed by the renegade General Bush working for the corporation. They board Bush's military ship as it lifts off, kill the Alien Queen after it kills him, and program the ship to crash into San Drad, triggering a huge explosion that eliminates all Alien life on Earth. The Predator warrior then gives his wrist blades to Dutch and Linn in recognition of their skills as warriors, before the Predators depart back into space. Linn asks the Predators why they chose to help them, and the Predators vs Aliens vague reply makes her and Dutch wonder whether they will have to fight them the next time they return to Earth.

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  • 1 week ago Hussein Elgamoudi

    thanks for the cool game

  • 1 week ago horrible,unfunny content awates you here

    good but when ever i try to move the koystick around the game restarts otherwise amazing game i loved the avp capcoom game and now i can play when i want but that joystick.please fix

  • 1 week ago Kevin Sanchez

    love the classics

  • 2 weeks ago Shaqueall Richards

    love it

  • 2 weeks ago Liam Connor


  • 2 weeks ago Baron Von Ass

    classic arcade greatness!!

  • 3 weeks ago Logan Kimmons

    it didn't even work and ads came outim

  • 3 weeks ago Anthony Velez

    fun jus need little better conrol when moving and using abilities

  • 1 month ago Matthew Firmstone

    absolutely love this game, I really can't get enough of it!! smooth gameplay, cheat codes in the input general settings, really awesome can play as a predator warrior or predator hunter!!

  • 1 month ago Ben Rodger

    This looks like its been taken from an emulator which is fine its just that if you get The Emulator itself you should b able to get many Games in one Place/Package DUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic Side Scrolling Beat Em Up Though with Great Arcade Gameplay and Classic Arcade Graphics!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!