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Gravity Pops!

Beautifully challenging puzzle game about connecting the pops, the higher the number of the bubble, the better! More relaxing than yoga, addictive and super fun!

Check out this beautifully colorful puzzle game. Move your finger over the bubbles and connect them so they merge into higher numbers. This game is full of surprises and endless fun. Compare your highscore and level with your friends, can you reach the top? Oh yeah, it is a lot harder than it looks! Caution, physics inside!

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Liliana Lemke PhD

The graphics, game play and gravity physics are all very nicely done. It is fun and relaxing to match up the bubbles. HOWEVER, it's not really a game because there is no goal. It needs a challenge mode: certain number of points in an amount of time or number of matches. Maybe have the playing area fill up which ends the game or have it possible to lose points if the bubbles fly out of the \"bowl\" when you shake them up. If a goal was added this would be a fantastic game. *Also less frequent ads.*

Donald Reilly

This app is terrible. The ads are NON STOP. leveling up feels like you are being punished for something. The ads are so annoying that not only am I deleting this app, I would never ever download anything advertised on it for fear of it being as bad as this one. Also the game, while addicting, is stupid -- I played like a zillion levels and I'm still not sure if you ever can win or lose.

Cleveland Franecki

relaxing games but wayy to many ads. cant even pause the game and comeback without getting an ad, and since its such an easy game you level up fast which means youll see an ad everytime you level up. I mean you could just pay to get rid of ads if you know you're really gonna invest time into this game.

Virginie Kreiger

Good game but way too many ads. You get an ad every time you level up and every time you start the game. Would give five stars if not for all of the ads.

Mr. Andre McKenzie

Game crashes nonstop. I tried uninstalling it and still did it can only place for q few seconds before it crashes. Seems like it would be a good game if it didnt crash nonstop.

Dedric Effertz

it seems like a simple fun way to pass the time, but the app keeps closing and forcing shut-off on me and I cant even get one move in. it isn't worth the stress when the issue isnt getting fixed.

Dr. Leonel Koelpin V

the app would be fun but there are far too many ads. a 30 second ad comes up every time you level up which is about once every minute or two.

Gideon Walter

The game crashes constantly! I can now only open the game for a few seconds and it will shut down. Its a shame because I was enjoyinv it.

Deborah Marquardt

The game is fun. even a little addictive but the ads ruin the entire game. I get that they need to make money but its a joke.

Chanel Purdy

it keeps crashing! , i cant get through one level without it crashing on me about 6 times.