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AHA random video chat apk

Download AHA random video chat apk for free.

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AHA random video chat

The best random video chat app to meet fun and interesting people all over the world at the turn of each swipe!

Have you got fed up with common chatting apps and always get ignored by others?
Are you tired of others being deceptive, dishonest or lying about their gender?
Would you like to build true friendship with people around the world without checking their profile?
Do you live in a place where it is too hard to connect with others or feel lonely and need to exchange of thoughts, ideas or feelings with someone else?

Say Bye-bye to common chatting and texting apps. With new alternative “AHA” to meet new friends!

“AHA” allows you to make video calls to connect with others and build friendship, regardless of common texting apps. By chatting with others, you will soon find out your character, value, interests match each other or not.
No more deception or frustration when you found that you are chatting with liar or dishonest mate like what's happening in the common texting apps.

Our mission is to provide simple, reliable and interactive fun video communication service. You can enjoy face to face time with people worldwide.
We are building an enjoyable, clean and harmony community, so any offensive behaviors or violations against terms of use will be taken seriously and result in the termination of your account.

Main Features:
1. Choose gender and region preferences and build new conversations while talking to strangers.
2. Do video chats through 3G\4G and Wi-Fi.
3. Unlimited texts, video messages and video chat among friends to enhance your friendship.
4. Dozens of fantanstic effects and filters to make you look better during live video chatting.
5. Add new friends in random video chat to friend list.
6. Do not worry about foreign languages! Your words will be translated in real time. So get ready to meet new people right now!

You can chat with global users about the topics you care about and you will never know who you will meet next. Stay in touch with those you enjoy chatting with. The connection can be rich and real. Maybe you can be best friends or even become lovers. Be friendly to everyone you meet and cherish the hard-won’s fate. Start a romantic chatting tour at once!
We would be happy if you shared AHA with your friends

Privacy and security:
User privacy information will be encrypted and won’t be shared to any third parties. The only information shared to other users is the information in your AHA profile that you allow others to view.
AHA won’t access your location as you can control it from your phone privacy setting. Any information you share with your friends is your responsibility.

Notice: additional fees may apply when using cellular data. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection. AHA is also called A7A in Arabic country.

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Mr. Kenyon Ondricka

this app is really really good.......i think it's the bestest app i have ever used for random video calling.....i just want to thank the creators who made this app.......BLESS U (creators)

Anahi Walter

Best results so far out of maybe 20 video chat apps ive tried. Gotta purchase some points to realistically get paired with the right females. 500 points is only 5 bucks and can be used very effectively.

Mr. Edwin Cummings

nice app reliable and friendly use usefull to connect right person and make friends through this app male or female are seriouse wanting all age group here so join the app can get u your right buddy for u no where else u find this functions this app is fine for all purpose so join

Rosemary Daugherty

suka suka has also launched the new Yorko capital international CallingAHA capital group and your company said that its shares have fallen from about half the previous year and your rate will help the company said the company would have been able to sell the first half full year to shareholders and the company will help to buy back the company.

Prof. Blaise Marvin

its okay BUT someone is jerking off in the video call, some of the are nice, and some of them are showing off d*ck, v**ina, b**bs, and etc.

Dr. Colin Nader IV

It's okay. It's not wonderful but it's not bad. Bunch of dudes! Figure out how to get some women on here and you guys have got a good thing going!

Eve Smith

If you like Indian and middle eastern men download this app a plus if you like indian dick because thats all you see. the worst app ever. Gay gay and gay

Kevon Kozey

Worst service.....wait atleast 5 to 10 minutes for the next search....too much time taking and feel like boring.

Jeff Cummerata Jr.

this app bricked my samsung s7 totally mfkeerrss killed my phone¡¡¡ I dont even know how playstore have this thing

Declan Hirthe

Absolutely terrible the first 50 people I saw were nothing but guys, and guys with guys on guys. nasty sick lame app