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Transfer Companion

Transfer Companion is used with the PC Application - Droid Transfer (Paid) to save your Android phone text messages to PDF format and export to your Gmail, Google Drive or other cloud storage.

Print text messages from your Android phone with dates and times.

Transfer Companion provides additional functionality when used with PC Application "Droid Transfer". Using Transfer Companion and Droid Transfer together - you can backup messages, music, photos and other files on your Android Phone. Communication between your PC and your phone is completely local either over a Wi-Fi or a USB connection, and no information is stored, uploaded to the Cloud, or transmitted to a third party.

- Transfer your Android phone messages in PDF, HTML or Text formats. Droid Transfer also copies any photos and videos in your messages.

- Backup your Android phone Messages and restore to your new phone.

- Sync your iTunes library to your Android Phone. Copy music to and from your device and your PC. View your music collection stored on your Android Phone and stream it through your PC.

- Transfer photos from your Android Phone to your PC for safe keeping. View your photos full size on your PC, select and delete photos on your Phone quickly and easily. It’s much faster managing your photos on your Phone with Droid Transfer.

- Export contacts to Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook or as a standard VCF contacts file, which can be used in any contacts address book application you may use on your PC.

- Save Call Logs to your PC as a PDF or text file, with all call activity made to and from each caller. Print call logs directly to your PC connected printer.

- Export calendars to your PC for importing in your PC calendar application

Editor's Note

Transfer Companion is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 2.15 from our website for free. Transfer Companion apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 19 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.

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Ms. Miracle Lind III

Semi satisfied - am pc literate, but was not the simplest of work to get it installed and wirking. the wifi did not work for me at all. usb tethering was easier lift. the demo did not reliably save pdf files. not sure why the text list is sometimes incomplete. I bought full version as I needed to capture a text conversation in pdf. it seems a little buggy/inconsistent but I was able to get it to do what I needed after futzing around with it. so, good program but not for newbies/impatient

Gunnar Kuhn

my fiance` and I are 50 \u0026 55, we text talk and video like teenagers, she is currently in Co. and I'm in Ca. momentarily. the phone app is free the desktop unlimited lifetime usage certificate is built in. $29.99 isnt to much to pay considering this is the only way to save sms messages. Smart Switch only allows them to be transferd.. a deal at twice the price

Dimitri Schmeler

RIP OFF!!! spent hours installing on computer and phone. paid for full app in the play store and then finally got the pdf saved to my computer and went to print....and whoops! now I have to pay AGAIN!!! THIS TIME $30!!! Misleading and wonky...nothing is free even though the software looks ancient and after hours of struggling with the 20 step process of creating my document they trick you and try to make you pay a fortune. Total BS!!!!

Joanie Stamm

Got it to work to transfer txt messages then to print. Took awhile as my mistake (not explained in directions) was that I left the USB cable inserted after I shut down the app. to then try to access more data on the phone. Insert each time when requesting new data to transfer, then uninstall it. Don't forget to properly uninstall the device: phone.

Waino Lubowitz

Doesn't tell you it's limited unless paid for until you open the backed up files. seems like a great app, and if they were upfront about the freeware limitations I'd probably pay for it, but it's sneakily hidden until you complete the backup and try to view your files

Ms. Talia Wolff

With some difficulties at first. But then I managed to export my photos to my desk top in no time. The sequence of the photos has still to be arranged but I managed to do this copying without any problems without a USB . The secret is to synchronize properly the desk top or computer with the android mobile.

Austen Christiansen

what happened to the share button? I am not able to share my texts via email anymore. I paid for the app in order to back up texts and now I am unable to do so. **update.. Your response worked perfectly. Thank you!

Jasper Romaguera

Have not been able to get WiFi connection to work...been playing with it for 4-5 hours. Finally went to USB connection and it works just fine (did two messages as a test). Will continue to play with WiFi...if I can make it work I'll be back.

Marcos Schowalter

got the app to download SMS messages. when I first used it, there was no need to connect to a computer. it just downloaded the messages as a pdf and saved to my phone. now I see no option to do this... any help??

Kaia Gutkowski II

so far so good -- was nervous bcz so many negative reviews, but skipped the free version entirely. does exactly what i need. bonus, lets me set a date window. no complaints, but i've only done two files. $30 is $$ but cheaper in the the long run than the alternatives (for me)