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Package Name: net.wildgames.findthebuttons

Developer: WildGamesNet

Category: Free Adventure Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.1.21

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 48M

Find the Button Game Screenshot
Find the Button Game Screenshot
Find the Button Game Screenshot
Find the Button Game Screenshot
Find the Button Game Screenshot

Find the Button Game

Find the Button is a multilevel adventure game to complete, where your primary objective is to search for a button, a lever or a pressure block. If you think finding hidden objects is pretty easy, think again because the right button (lever, pressure block) can be placed anywhere. On each level of a map, you will need to discover a button that will unlock the next level. Find the button in every map if you dare!

Find the Button game series is designed for patient players fond of press buttons puzzles and parkour. If you love tough challenges, try to complete the whole game! And if you succeed, get ready to play through even more challenging levels in our next update (which is in the works now). Rest assured, we will put all our efforts to make adventures in this game extra hard and ultra exciting!

Find the Button is a difficult press buttons puzzle, where gamers should be very patient and attentive to details. Thoroughly explore the map level – oftentimes, the required button is hidden behind some constructions or things, therefore you will not escape dealing with hidden objects search. Sometimes, the right button is disguised as surrounding decor. Don’t forget to use valuable items sold in a shop or springing as a bonus – they will significantly facilitate your hide-and-seek play with a concealed button.

This adventure game includes a multitude of different levels, each of which features a unique biome such as a desert island, a school, a hunter’s house, or a castle with boiling lava around. Level maps differ by size and theme – you can appear either in a small room or in a dark boundless forest where the right button will, perhaps, be hidden on a crown of a tall tree. All maps of this mini-game series are loaded with the day/night cycle, which means that you will also look for a hidden button during nights.

Each game level will force you to demonstrate certain skills in order to find the button. Parkour, archery, running – this all will be very useful to achieve the goal. For instance, on a lava level, you will need to showcase all your parkour mastery, while on a runner location, you will have to run like a hell and press buttons all the way to escape the impending wall of blocks. If the button is too high to reach, use a bow and arrows to activate it.
Don’t worry if you fail to find the button on some map. In such a case, you can use the hint before the level starts and return to the shop to buy necessary instruments. Sometimes a good friend will help you too, it is a dog. Prepare to relish a thrilling gameplay where you will play hide-and-seek with hidden objects!

All levels of the Find the Button puzzle game are well-thought out, and locations are very interesting to pull through. The button will be hidden in different places – some of them are really hard to reach. Anyway, you should know there is always a way out – just try to be attentive to details. Agree that if finding the button was easy, this puzzle game would completely lose its point.

Maybe, it will take you quite a lot of time to find the button, but that is the beauty of this adventure game! If you love press buttons puzzles, mind games, and hidden objects challenges, you definitely should give these maps a go! Our game has no paid content, and we regularly add new locations to it! Just follow our updates to be the first to play new adventures!
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