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The most addictive game!

Knock players off the stage with your bumper.
Eat ice cream to become bigger and stronger!
You must be the last on the map to win!

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Prof. Victoria Yundt

I don't like it because if I go to hit someone close to the edge and they turn, I go to turn and I slide right past them because of the drift. I didn't make it far into the game to know if that there was more than one map, if not, please make more than one map. Out of all, I feel like the hit power is a little too strong, can you guys tad that down a bit? Probably not but this is my opinion on the game. (I've played beetles.io and I like that game)

Gay Jones I

Smooth game, very little lag. Very easy to win. I became the highest rank in 20 minutes on 2 devices. I'm really impressed. It's really addicting and fun to play. The controls are a bit hard to use, but I still enjoy it. Needs more ranks too. I don't like the fact that the other bumpers aren't people; they're bots. Get rid of the ads! I had 100 million ads after and before a round! I would've rated 1 star if it wasn't so addicting.

Norwood Hickle

If I leave a review on something just know the game is well worth your time. The only bad thing is its to many ads. Every time you level up it's a ad and if you die twice its a ad before you can play again. Then they expext you to pay to skip the ads. However its not a must that you pay you don't have to, but the ads will be there after every level up or after two lost games. Nonetheless this Game is addicting. They need to make a second version.

Dr. Amber Goyette

Was pretty fun. After I adjusted to the speed and drift (took about 5 mins). I blasted to max rank within 20 mins. Am just stuck at master 1 now. Need more ranks and levels. Would rate higher, but in the span of 20 minutes. I had about 50 ads. Annoying!

Blaise Jakubowski

Bots, not live players. I enjoyed this game a lot bc it reminds me of Mario Party mini games. I've accidentally closed out of the game a number of times while in the middle of it, expecting to have been bumped off or just fallen off the edge, but it continues exactly where I left off. These are not live players 🙄

Crystel Green

\"Why is there a game in my ads?\" would be a great way to describe this application. Like the other apps by this developer, there are so much potential in developing the games to be more playable. But instead, they left it there hanging with those great ideas but with sub par standard controls/features. What a great way to waste ideas.

Serenity Sauer

this is a game ruined by ads. voodoo is corrupt and doesn't care about making an enjoyable experience. they just want to push as many ads as they can. also the game isn't even multiplayer. it would be one thing if they advertised it as single player-- it would just make a boring game-- but it's a scam that tries to sell a fake product. if for some reason you want to play this game my only suggestion is turn off your WiFi and data

Dr. Jack Blanda II

I would of given the game 4 stars but due to the amount of ads you force down our throats it's silly. an advert at the end of every game and some games can last 5 seconds...I was enjoying the game regardless of the ads but after playing for so long I've had enough. I wont purchase the ad free version is rather delete the game. the ads totally ruin this game.

Miss Noemy Lebsack DDS

Honestly, I really disliked this game for multiple reasons. The controls are absolutely horrible, I can't move smoothly. Please change the movement to some type of joystick. The ads are extremely obsessive too. Alot of features like 'Ranking' doesn't work. Please focus on fixing these bugs in your games before making new one's. Thank you.

Ms. Aimee Schuster

To damn many commercials that last longer than game play. Lose about half of them and I'd highly recommend it. maybe if you'd let us play the game longer, and get addicted to it we would probably buy it. instead you piss everybody off with the commercials and they delete it. a game is over in less than 10 seconds. And I have to watch 30seconds commercials to play again it's ridiculous. you want to sell the game let us play long enough to get addicted. instead all you're saying is give us money

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    Apr. 07, 2019
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    Android 19 and above
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