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Package Name: com.crisphaxx.bearbear2

Developer: Crisp Haxx Co.

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0.3

Requirements: Android 9 and above

File Size: 45M

Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 Screenshot
Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 Screenshot
Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 Screenshot
Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 Screenshot
Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 Screenshot

Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2

Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 is the second installment of the Five Nights at Bear Bear's series based on the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. This game is a comedic parody version of the FNaF games and includes a lot of funny jokes and insanely comedic references.

Although the game is a comedic parody, the game still includes 'maybe scary' things in it and is still a hard game to complete. This game is different from the first one because the concept is different. Also, even though this game is a fangame of FNaF, the game rules are different so it's a fresh new challenge for you.

This game takes place after the events of the first one. The whole pizzeria got shut down and they left it to rot. 2 years later, a man buys the company again and starts to renovate the place for a brand new Bear Bear Pizzeria! He kept you in charge to look over the place at night to make sure no 'juvenile delinquents' break in and mess around. But it seems the characters have gone crazy over the years! So they might be a problem too.

If you would like to stay up to date on the updates for the game. Please check every once and a while.
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  • 2 weeks ago KOVVY YT

    I love it

  • 2 weeks ago Logan The Moo /Solgaleo Champion

    I like it.

  • 2 weeks ago skeletor the mighty

    it was fun BUTT!! hehehe I liked it P.S Randy is scary to be exact

  • 2 weeks ago Alex Chaviano

    This is hilarious and scary because of the yellow character(not the one that comes from the right room) you never told us about him, but this game is GREAT! Can you make a fnabb 3?

  • 2 weeks ago Puglord 320

    I love this game and can't reccomend it enough. There are two things I wish were diffeent which is how the coustom night doesn't let you customize doggy and the animatronics are still active at zero in the coustom night still. However it's still a great game, and quite possibly my favorite fnaf fan game. Thanks for bringing me such an amazing experience!

  • 2 weeks ago epic not new 752

    I beat 5/20 mode! give me the 50 bear coins. oh uh ok.

  • 3 weeks ago Aldin Aldo

    it crashes and lags

  • 3 weeks ago Delia Aguila

    the game is similar to fnaf

  • 3 weeks ago Micah Moore

    I'm so amazing don't let haters get to you I love theses games make a 3rd one like I have ideas make Fred bear bear and friendss

  • 3 weeks ago • Pennywise Lover •

    It's Cool!