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Harmony: Music Notes

Harmony: Music Notes is a brainteaser puzzle game merging artistic features and addictive gameplay where you need to tap the squares to create beautiful symmetries. Every piece you tap will produce a music sound, providing the illusion that you are truly playing piano.

Your mood will change while you wander through 24 different worlds and solve more than 1000 levels! Soothing music and smart symmetries will create a top environment and will not let the real world elements spoil this amazing sense of harmony.

Harmony: Music Notes is an odyssey through abstract and minimalistic universes, where your logic skills and creativity are your only type of fuel. On the way, you will experience different challenges and enjoy many hours of fun! Once the puzzle is perfectly balanced, order and peace will shout loud and you will live to spread more and more harmony level after level.

Stretch your fingers, release your stress and embrace Harmony!

• Based on simple gameplay, piano sounds and beautiful symmetries, Harmony provides you hours of fun and close encounters with art;
• Simple rules to learn and complex problems to face level after level;
• Relaxing and immersive atmosphere, where music and evocative design take an important role;
• All the time you need to draw your own strategy to solve more than 1000 levels and unlock 24 worlds!
• Defy your logic skills as you progress over different environments and harder challenges;
• Free to play, Harmony allows you to earn and buy hints to use in tricky levels.

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Adan Williamson DVM

This game is a very beautiful mix between music and puzzles, which makes the moment somewhat peaceful. Although there are a lot of advertisements, they mostly arent videos. I love this game and its creativity- it makes me actually think about how to solve these cool puzzles. The music is very awesome, i like that there are different instruments (Spoilers! X3) and so many levels to consume time.

Rosamond Larson

this game is so cool cuz if u know the answer u can make a beautiful sound either way u do it and it complicates the brain too.i personally love how that this can kinda help with sleep deprivation. i love how soothing the piano sounds. but if u mess up ot doesnt sound as goid so plz if ur not intrested just plz give it a try and see if u like it. im in love with it.

Dr. Gabriel Murphy MD

This game seems too easy at first. But the farther you advance in the game, it gives more challenging levels to beat. But at the end, it's relaxing nevertheless. I would give 5 stars if the game relates more to music as the name says than just playing single notes upon tapping a square. For example, beating a level or a world could give us a new music track to play. Please consider this. Thank you!

Greyson Windler

This game is absolutely beautiful. I like the minimalism and the music. However, for every 20-30 sec that I play (for a round), the ads come up, totally destroy the vibe. The experience would be completely worthless if you're shut down by loads of ads. If this game aren't free, I'm totally willing to pay for it. $3 for getting rid of ads is just absurd. This game has lots of potentials, it's just not that good with ads.

Frederik Skiles III

it's supposed to be relaxing but there are too many adds. some even pop up when you're in the middle of tapping. what's the point of this game being made to make people relax if you're literally being jump scared out of concentration? I honestly liked it at first and it was really fun to play but, an add after every single puzzle and sometimes in between is ridiculous. uninstalling

Serenity Stroman

Was never really a game, but was sort of a relaxing meditation until the incessant ads got added. Definitely complete garbage now. Immediately uninstalling and leaving this review due to the huge increase in invasive ads.

Prof. Edwardo Prosacco V

It's an alright game with a decent concept, but my experience with it was totally ruined. Every single puzzle seemed to have an ad in the middle of it, before, and after. This got super frustrating and annoying really fast.

Prof. Horace Christiansen

A very relaxing game with so many levels to finish! I don't need to feel pressured, the shapes vary with each stages and the piano tones are good to listen to. I love taking my time. One of the best casual games out there.

Mitchell Bartoletti

I really do love this app but there are way too many ads. I think the price to unlock it is really unreasonable. there is no way I'm spending 31 bucks just to unlock music and get rid of ads. That is ridiculous. But it is a fun game. The 3 stars are for that. It can be challenging but fun and relaxing.

Connor Raynor IV

pretty fun and challenging. though the ads are annoying. maybe they should show when i finish a level rather than midway through it