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Developer: Fox City Games LLC

Category: Free Board Games

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Version: 1.5.1

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 70M

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The Chameleon Screenshot
The Chameleon Screenshot
The Chameleon Screenshot
The Chameleon Screenshot

The Chameleon

One secret word and 16 possible options. Everyone knows the secret word except for the Chameleon – but who is the Chameleon?

Players must prove their innocence and catch the imposter. But be careful: choose a word that’s too obvious and you might give away the secret word. Choose a word that’s too vague and people may think you’re the guilty one. Can you spot the Chameleon?

Are you the Chameleon? Blend in. Don’t get caught.

Play the latest game from the creators of the smash hit Coup.

How to Play
- Players choose a topic card from their collection.
- A random card is chosen, and the secret word is revealed to all players except for the Chameleon.
- Everyone submits a word to prove they know the secret word, but without giving too much away.
- Players chat and vote on the player they think is the Chameleon.
- After the vote the identity of the Chameleon is revealed.
- If the Chameleon was caught, they get one guess at the secret word! If they can guess right, they escape.

- Social deduction party game for 4 to 6 players.
- Match with your friends or players from around the world.
- Over 70 Topic Cards with many more to come.
- Customize your game with fun items for your profile.
- Earn prize boxes by winning games to get more topic cards and items.
- Complete achievements to power up your prize boxes. Better boxes offer better loot!

We’re sure you’ll love this game, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these awesome accolades:
- A Target “Staff Pick” board game.
- 2017 UK Games Expo Best Party Game.
- 2017 Imagination Gaming Best Family Game Silver.
- 2018 SXSW Gamer’s Voice Nominee.
- 2017 Golden Geek Best Part Game Nominee.
- Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.
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  • 3 days ago Lauryn Baptiste

    Took my 5 days to get a game. 5. it's dead. then that \"game\" lasted about 40seconds it was so easy \u0026 obvious. Like that's it? my 5 day wait comes to that? \u0026 then it gives you like 5 coins for winning....its 50 if you want to get a new topic...but you can pay real money for it so don't worry!! 🙄 extortionate. Time waste. Only reason it's not a 1 star is cause the sound, menu and visual design are solid \u0026 the menus are responsive. Built well but for what? They aren't doing jack with it.

  • 1 week ago Ms V

    this app used to be highly active when it came out and used to be fun to play since it was a party all the time even any time you log in but now you hardly get any players it's like waiting until the year 2022 to get players to play a game sometimes the game takes too long to start as well even if there are full players as if the app is self is not working sometimes I also dislike that you can't block nor mute abusive players.

  • 1 week ago Generic Name

    I love playing this game with my friends. The only problem is the playerbase (or lack thereof). You basically need to play with friends, and sometimes it puts a lonely person in your match (which is just plain awkward)

  • 1 week ago Sarah Horobin

    When you can get a game it's amazing! But there needs to a development for AI players, otherwise you're going to lose people like me that want to play but are starting to get fed up of waiting. The other day I was waiting for 40 mins with no luck.

  • 1 week ago Fern Swindells

    The game itself is amazing, however youre lucky to get a game. Everytime ive logged on, its taken me a good 20 minutes to find a game. wouldnt recommend unles syou have people to play with. Also the hame card categories do not change, more development on this can make a massive change to the game

  • 2 weeks ago Brent Boomer

    it's a fun game but literally no one plays so I can't get into a game.

  • 3 weeks ago Michaela Saunders

    would have been a great game if there were actually players to play with. Don't bother downloading

  • 3 weeks ago Indie xx

    It was an amazing game, I went off it, deleted it. then about a month later got it again but it no longer works, nobody ever joins the games? Help me please!

  • 3 weeks ago Spzyll

    matchmaking ws bad

  • 3 weeks ago Melissa Bonifacio

    Was so excited to play, but it takes more than 20 minutes to get enough players. I never played the game.