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Package Name: com.eg.lost.island.survival.games.zombie.attack

Developer: Ecstasy Games

Category: Free Adventure Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android 18 and above

File Size: 45M

Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape Screenshot
Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape Screenshot
Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape Screenshot
Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape Screenshot
Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape Screenshot

Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape

Breath Till your last day! Dare yourself to face Unpredictable deadly island. Time to prove yourself as raft survival hero and strive hard against survival craft mission. Use all your expertise in man vs food hunt and Survive as long as you can with courage. Get started to challenging Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape and Try your best surviving skills as last man in open world of survival island.

Do you want to dare yourself by surviving alone on survival island? Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape will give you this chance to survival on raft with courage and determination. Take this Survival Mission at your own all you have 10 DAYS for survival adventure. Reform your essentials (wood, axe, guns and rifles) for survival night in the jungle. Dare and face the zombie survival escape Don't be a hopeless survivor you have to plan all of your moves very carefully because there is much danger around. Fight with zombies Shoot down the inmate dangerous animals and beasts will make this online Survival Games, Zombie Escape game an action packed thrill for you. Keep your weapon along with you to don't make it last shelter. You have to escape from the lost island survival to complete all the survival mission to prove yourself as a real survivor hero. Time to become an ultimate warrior Your survival adventure has just begun in this unpredictable open world raft survival craft reality.

Accept the challenge now, live as Sziget survivor in this remote jungle survival island. Show your Surviving skills, Craft some basic tools as Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape will no longer be easier in man vs food hunt online survival adventure. Make sure your health bar will remain full, Use hard axe to cut trees, collect wood for fire and search some hunting meet from wild animal to stay alive. This survival craft is all about your courage, zombie survival battle survivor heroism and bravery also learn to build a shelter for unpredictable vast wild area.

There are certain tips to follow at raft survival night in the jungle as you don’t know how deep inside the forest you are and how vast it is:
- Hunt, Swim and explore- do anything you want to stay alive
- Collect wood to Burn fire
- Build a shelter to survive
- Craft weapons Bows and Arrows
- Don’t starve: Find source of food to keep yourself fed
- Kill wild animals and zombies to stay alive
- Keep track of your health in (raft survival island)

Game Features:
- Multiple challenges to complete
- Unpredictable forest Environment
- Amazing Hunting experience
- Shoot down wild animals and zombies
- lost island survival story
- learn about surviving skills in jungle
- Heroic zombie survival battle mission
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Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape has designed and announced by Ecstasy Games. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Lost Island Survival Games: Zombie Escape apk please check out our other applications from our website.


  • 1 week ago Catt Mcgregor

    worst game ever no tutorial kept dieing and didnt even know how couldnt chop trees or do anything

  • 1 week ago Sharon Ann

    it sucks

  • 1 week ago Milan Milan

    this game sucks ghrapics lowest, survival intelligence worthless, quality verybad, also it doesn't even start with a tutorial that can get someone know the game better and know what to expect. i think you should just delete the game because it sucks very badly or you could make it new and get lots of positive comments with 5 rate stars.

  • 2 weeks ago Izzy Izzy

    it sucks

  • 2 weeks ago critical life

    horrible when i went to hit a zombie i didnt hit it when i looked at it and swung still didnt hit it



  • 3 weeks ago Margaret Asamoah

    was abt to download but thought of what these guys are posting and it seems this game is (tarkatakar) means trash!!!!!!!!!!!! totally trash... I had one of these survival games on my Android and the graphics was so stupid!! I wasted my bundle I could had used for watching porn than to have this game over my ass!!!!!!

  • 3 weeks ago Sniper Master

    looks nothing like the picture graphic are bad

  • 4 weeks ago Tash Vs

    One of the worse games ive played of it's kind. When you die, the screen goes black and thats it. The zombies appear out of nowhere which doesn't give much time to kill them. The graphics is 1 of the most simplest I've ever seen. This game has potenial with some changes and hard work but a no from me at the moment. Also please note, the pictures that is in the description is not a representation of the game. The pictures make the game look good then you load it...

  • 1 month ago Mtha Elamor

    Wow what an awesome game , download it everyone you won't regret it